King of aerowalk: locust?


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HammerTime QDL (HammerTime)
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Locust is playing in the Veterans division.
Can anyone beat him on aerowalk?

(for purposes of this market, giving a walkover counts as a map loss)

Placed bets

Date User Bet
03/01 22:52 Lurq Locust undefeated on aerowalk, $500
28/12 17:15 mushi 1500 (2000) Locust to lose at least one aerowalk, $500
28/12 16:43 D0PESK1LLZ Locust undefeated on aerowalk, $1000
27/12 00:24 ocoini Locust undefeated on aerowalk, $1000
26/12 13:44 meag Locust undefeated on aerowalk, $500
24/12 14:44 Abraxas Locust undefeated on aerowalk, $60

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Latest results » more

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Recent bets

Date User Game Bet
06/01 00:07 baresi Overall Winner - Advanced $1000
06/01 00:06 baresi King of skull: ocoini? $500
06/01 00:05 baresi King of dm6: Hammer? $1000
06/01 00:05 baresi King of dm4: D0peskillz? $2000
03/01 22:52 Lurq King of aerowalk: locust? $500