Frequently Asked Questions



Do you gamble with real money?


What happens when I get broke?

Each sunday, broke users automaticly gets $2000.

How do I bet on a game?

  1. Browse the available games.
  2. Click on the title you want to bet on.
  3. Enter desired amount and select an option.
  4. Click the green "Bet"-button
  5. Done! (you should see the message "bet placed")

You can browse all your bets using the navigation on the sidebar. Payout is made when the game result is confirmed by an admin and the bet is saved in your history.

Is it possible to cancel bets?

Yes, you can cancel active bets from your "My bets" page (found in sidebar).




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If you would like to have an official QuakeWorld match featured on this site, please contact the admins in #quakeworld. The game will be added as soon as possible!

Latest results » more

Date Game Bets Total
23/08 Reload vs. Locktar [BO5] 11 $56955
22/08 dirtbox vs. lordlame 0 $
28/06 dm6: lordlame vs. nigve 8 $14500
28/06 dm6: Macisum vs. Blixem 8 $18200
28/06 dm6: bps vs. sae 7 $12000

Recent bets

Date User Game Bet
23/08 11:38 Turbo Reload vs. Locktar [BO5] $5000
23/08 11:37 Predze Reload vs. Locktar [BO5] $1000
23/08 11:36 D0PESK1LLZ Reload vs. Locktar [BO5] $2000
22/08 11:14 alice Reload vs. Locktar [BO5] $7500
22/08 10:22 meag Reload vs. Locktar [BO5] $5000